FIND OUT MORE Sustainability is part of our business, because we offer a natural product that depends on an intact environment. FIND OUT MORE Natural Mineral and Spring Waters are part of our European heritage. Protecting resources for today, tomorrow, and future generations. FIND OUT MORE We want to make sure that each bottle is given a second life and therefore advocate for closed bottle-to-bottle cycles. FIND OUT MORE Natural Mineral and spring waters contribute to a healthy diet and are the most natural why to hydrate.


EFBW turns into Natural Mineral Waters Europe!

Our mission stays the same: We promote the unique qualities of natural mineral and spring waters and protect the natural ecosystems through which water flows to reach its natural source🌱💧

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Tomorrow I will be attending a press conference, which will present the model of the PET deposit system for the Czech republic, as proposed by the team led by professor Mejstřík. You can watch it live from 10:00 on the link below.