Health starts with access to clean water: Volvic and UNICEF

Volvic continues its long-lasting commitment to improve water access in Africa thanks to its contribution to UNICEF programs. Volvic believes that health and particularly healthier drinking habits are a stepping stone to becoming who you want to be, nourishing our inner strength to achieve what really matters to us.

In many countries in Africa, the fundamental right to water access is limited, preventing children from being healthy, having time to go to school or playing with friends. By supporting UNICEF to develop innovative solutions to improve water access, Volvic, convinced that every child deserves a healthy childhood and a fair chance in life, helps children thrive and reach their full potential.

Thanks to the support of consumers in France and Germany, Volvic’s contribution to UNICEF programs in Niger and Ethiopia improved water access to over 462 500 people by 2021 (2021 end of Volvic Ethiopian support), by building or renovating 431 water points – providing over 33 billion liters of safe water for African communities.

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