World Water Day – Protecting water is our shared responsibility

“Water fuels life. It nurtures every human and every ecosystem surrounding us. Water is the most important contributor to our health and well-being. Without it, our body and mind would not function. Water is a valuable resource and it is our shared responsibility to protect and save it”, says Muriel Lienau, President of Natural Mineral Waters Europe on this year’s World Water Day that is about valuing water and focusing on what water means to each and everyone.

Natural Mineral Waters Europe (NMWE) is glad to see that in spite of the impact of the current global pandemic, nature protection and biodiversity restauration are still in the focus on the European agenda, as a way of leading to a sustainable European recovery. The Portuguese EU Presidency has been setting the tone by prioritizing the implementation of the European Green Deal with its Biodiversity Strategy and the commitments to reduce carbon emissions in the fight against climate change.

The combined actions undertaken by the European Union under the EU Green Deal will have direct impact on the availability and quality of water and the resilience of our ecosystems. “We applaud the EU’s ambitions. Natural mineral and spring water producers themselves have been the guardians of the water sources and their surrounding catchment areas for as much as a hundred years. The quality and purity of their product depends on an intact environment, free from pollution”, explains Patricia Fosselard, Secretary General of Natural Mineral Waters Europe. Their priority is to protect the environment through which the water flows to reach its natural source and make sure that the amount of water withdrawn respects the natural recharge of the source to ensure availability for future generations.

Natural mineral and spring waters are part of a long European heritage. Today, for producers, such a heritage translates into being sustainability leaders and supporting Europe’s ambition to be carbon-neutral and frontrunner in preserving biodiversity. Lienau wants the sector to continue to be a leading force: Natural mineral and spring water producers have a long history of source protection to guarantee the natural purity of their waters, enriching healthy, thriving environments. Beyond their catchment areas they are also pioneers in considering the circularity of their industry, setting up and financing packaging collection schemes and using fully recyclable packaging materials. As we make choices and plans on what our future will look like, we know we are a credible partner to help Europe to deliver a healthy, sustainable green recovery and we are ready to take our shared responsibility.”