“Water is an essential nutrient and plays a key role in the human body. We can survive several weeks without food, but only a few days without water. It is crystal clear why we must protect our water sources for the next generations in the most responsible and sustainable manner. We are committed to play our part”, says Patricia Fosselard, Secretary General of Natural Mineral Waters Europe (former EFBW), on World Water Day.

The producers of Natural Mineral and Spring Waters have always acknowledged the importance of protecting the quantity and quality of the world’s water. They manage their springs sustainably and responsibly to ensure the availability of natural water resources for future generations. The amount of water withdrawn respects the annual replenishment of the source. “Sustainable, protected, and naturally replenished water sources are the core of our business. Producers are committed to demonstrate solid environmental leadership, to ensure highest safety standards and to provide naturally sourced waters of consistently high quality,” says Fosselard.

For as much as 100 years, Natural Mineral and Spring Water producers have been the guardians of the water sources and their surrounding environment, helping to protect the natural ecosystems through which water flows to reach its natural source. Producers work in different partnerships with local communities, public authorities, farmers and consumers to ensure the protection of the source. These joint collaborations not only help to safeguard biodiversity and natural habitats but are also important for social and economic regional development.